Youth Mentoring Through Community Exploration

TWC- Is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to changing the lives of our youth in underserved, disadvantaged communities of the Bronx Geographical area of NYC.

Mission- To empower youth (boys 9-15) with valuable life skills through cultural, educational, social and recreational activities and events.

• Teaching and reinforcing positive social interactions, strong interpersonal skills and a hope in the future
• Support services and resources for parents
• Monthly weekend trips (some Tuesday and Thursday) posted on Calendar of Events
• Liaison between educator -parent-child and community supports
• Provide caring inclusive learning environments

Our Staff- Our staff is comprised of Licensed Social Workers, Recreational Instructors, Community Leaders, Parents, School Educators, Board of Directors, and Volunteers. We are currently looking at partnerships with the Parks Department, NY Cares and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Affairs.

Success- TWC has been offering services in the community for the past year and recently became recognized by the state as a 501c3 charitable organization. Since that time we have done FREE or LOW COST out of pocket trips to NY Metropolitan Museum, Radio City Music Hall, Governors Island, Pocono Mountains, New Rock City, Shomburg Museum, Harlem Tours, Yankee Stadium, Sony Theater, Applebee, Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Rye Play land, College Tours, Cultural Plays Workshops and countless other events. We have found that exposing youth to new environments or taking the time to care has helped to change thinking and attitude resulting in positive outlook on life.

“Since my grandson has joined TWC I have seen a significant improvement in him. He was even student of the month! No he is not perfect but he listens to me more now and looks forward to the outings with Mr. & Mrs. Benson…” -Ms. Mavis

TravelWithChaz [PO BOX 49 Bronx NY 10461] [646-644-3521]